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At Robert Harris we're experts at making coffee for kiwi tastes, not only because we're kiwis but because we're passionate about what we do and know every day is an opportunity to do things better.

Our Coffee

Our Coffee

New Zealand's No. 1 Coffee Roaster

Yes, coffee does keep us up at night, but only because it's important that you get the perfect cup every time you visit a Robert Harris Café.

Great coffee starts with great beans. As New Zealand's largest coffee roaster, we use our buying power to select the highest grade Arabica beans from premium estates in the great coffee-growing regions of the world.

All our coffee blends are produced from beans roasted right here in New Zealand. That's important, because the best roast is a fresh roast. By using the skills of our in-house master blenders and roasters we are able to ensure a level of quality that others can only dream about.

Once the beans are delivered to your local café, they have to be handled with the utmost care. All Robert Harris Cafes use Faema espresso machines, one of Italy's top manufacturers. These superbly engineered machines not only look and sound the part, they also have the heat systems and boiler pressure which ensure our baristas produce rich golden crema, and silky smooth milk for your favourite caffeine hit.

Last, but certainly not least, comes the human factor. You can have great beans and the best machinery, but still receive a disappointing cup if the barista's skills aren't up to scratch. Rest assured, that will never happen in a Robert Harris Café. All our baristas receive extensive training in the art of espresso.

Great coffee can only be produced if the ingredients are excellent and the process is perfect. Making sure that happens every time you visit is what drives everyone who works in a Robert Harris Café.