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At Robert Harris we're experts at making coffee for kiwi tastes, not only because we're kiwis but because we're passionate about what we do and know every day is an opportunity to do things better.

Our Master Blender

Our Master Blender

Scott Pepler has always been fascinated with the science of the espresso and found that becoming a Barista was the best way to discover the inner workings of coffee. Through various roles with Robert Harris Coffee Roasters, Scott has mastered his skills and perfected his technique.

This passion has taken him around the world where he has had the opportunity to see and review all forms of espresso making. Scott is certified as a world barista judge and plans to be judging on the global stage this year. Back home, he judges at the New Zealand National Barista Championship.

Scott is also our master blender for Robert Harris, the biggest roaster in New Zealand. He has developed 26 award-winning coffee blends at the last 5 coffee festivals. Scott rates New Zealand coffee very highly on the world stage, especially our milk-based coffee.

When asked what makes a good barista, Scott's 17 years' experience in the coffee industry are summed up in a single sentence: 'never let a bad coffee go out'. He is often seen making coffee for those around the office, but has passed on a few of his secrets - some we hope to share with you.