All About Coffee

Learn all about the fascinating world of coffee, the rich history, how coffee is made and the coffee equipment required.

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    Coffee Definitions

    Learn your coffee A, B, C's...

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    Coffee Tasting Terms

    Flavour: The total perception of acidity, aroma & body experienced when tasting coffee.

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    Coffee Translated

    The key word describing coffee's freshness and quality is "fragrance" - which is released when the bean is roasted and then again when it's ground.

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    Did You Know?

    The coffee plant has become a major source of oxygen in the world. Each hectare of coffee products approx 40kgs of oxygen per day, which is about half the production of the same area in a rainforest.

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    Equipment and Accessories

    Tamp: The small device with a round, flat end used to compress the ground coffee evenly inside the filter basket.