All About Coffee

Learn all about the fascinating world of coffee, the rich history, how coffee is made and the coffee equipment required.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Oxygen, moisture, heat and light are the enemies of fresh coffee. Exposure to these elements will cause your coffee to taint or become stale.

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    Growing Coffee

    Balance: Balance is key to the successful growth of coffee beans - too much sunlight can cause the beans to mature too quickly having a negative impact on the flavour of the bean.

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    Selective Picking: This method is the most expensive because it requires hand picking the cherries when they become ripe. The reason for this expense is that it must be done as many times as necessary until all the cherries are picked.

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    Coffee beans must be removed from the fruit or cherry and dried before they can be roasted; this can be done in two ways known as the wet and dry methods. When the process is complete the unroasted coffee beans are known as green coffee.

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    The Beginnings

    The story of coffee begins with a green bean hidden in the red cherry of a coffee tree...