Taking The Plunge
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Take The Plunge

There are a few simple steps to making sure you get the best out of your plunger coffee:

  1. Shut your kettle off JUST BEFORE it comes completely to the boil.
  2. 1/3 fill the plunger pot with hot water, fit the plunger mesh, plunge up and down a few times, and then discard the water. This will both clean and heat the equipment.
  3. A plunger requires very coarsely ground coffee - similar to the texture of raw sugar. Either carefully grind beans to the right texture, or use a coffee specifically pre-ground for plungers. If the coffee is too fine, the grounds will pass through the mesh into the coffee, and the coffee will have a bitter, burnt flavour.
  4. Add one heaped dessertspoon of plunger ground coffee per cup, adjusting to taste.
  5. Pour hot water slowly and evenly over the grounds. The coffee will form a cap on the top of the water, and bubbles will form as the aromatic oils and gases are released.
  6. Stir the coffee a few times, to make sure there is maximum contact between the water and coffee, to release as much flavour as possible.
  7. Fit the plunger mesh, allow the coffee to brew for 3-4 minutes, then plunge, and serve immediately.

TIP: Coffee becomes more bitter the longer it brews. So only brew as much as you think you'll drink, and if you fancy a stronger cup, use more ground coffee at the start.