At Robert Harris we're experts at making coffee for kiwi tastes, not only because we're kiwis but because we are passionate about what we do and know every day is an opportunity to do things better. 

  • Freeze Dried

    Only the highest grade beans are gathered from the coffee regions of the world to bring you a premium freeze dried coffee filled with flavour.

  • Premium Freeze Dried

    Fusio by Robert Harris is a unique blend of 100% Arabica freeze dried and finely ground fresh coffee. It's the closest taste to fresh coffee in an instant.

  • Cafe Style

    Robert Harris Café Style with Fusio takes you one step closer to a café coffee.

  • Capsules

    Robert Harris Capsules give you the confidence that you'll get a great quality coffee, every time.

  • Espresso Grind

    Our expertly roasted and blend coffee ground to suit in-home espresso machines and/or stove tops.

  • Plunger Filter

    Our expertly roasted and blended coffee ground to suit both plunger and filter in-home equipment.

  • Beans

    Roasted and blended to perform well in everybody’s in-home equipment, from plunger through to espresso machines.