Dale and I have been Robert Harris Franchisees coming up 3 years; we were both from non-hospitality backgrounds but had some experience with people management and retail.

We had decided it was time to own our own business and had a passion for food and coffee, so when the business came along for sale we were interested to pursue this together.

We found Robert Harris had systems and processes in place which made the transition to hospitality for us a little smoother. We had some intense training off site for 3 weeks, which helped us immensely when we took over, as well as support from other franchisees and support staff.

Robert Harris is a very strong brand in provincial New Zealand; our customers are very loyal to us, which is one of the joys of owning the franchise. Our national marketing is taken care of for us which saves a lot of time. This allows us to have more focus on customer service and growing the business. One of the systems we have includes a Point of Sale system, which is easy to use and you have access to a large amount of reporting to help improve or measure your business.

Looking back now we have definitely learnt a lot in our 3 years, which has been made easier being part of a well-known successful franchise.


Steph Ching & Dale Gray
Robert Harris Ashburton

Franchisee FAQs

Not necessarily. While a background in hospitality is handy, some of our most successful franchisees have come from totally different fields. The most important qualities are a passion to succeed and a desire to create a customer-focused business. Then we'll make sure you receive all the training you need to run a great café.

We find that outgoing people with strong communication skills have what it takes to build a popular café business. Recruiting and managing a great team of staff, and making customers feel at home, are absolutely fundamental. In addition, you must have a positive attitude, a desire to learn and a passionate commitment to working within our proven system to deliver great customer service.

Robert Harris Café has worked with top designers and retail experts to refine and develop our café packages. We are committed to creating a state-of-the-art environment in every new café we open. Comfortable modern furnishings, attractive colour schemes and appetising food displays come as standard.

You would. Robert Harris Café franchises are generally owner-operated under the Robert Harris Café Franchise Agreement between the franchisor (Suntory Coffee New Zealand Ltd) and the franchisee (you).

Robert Harris Café charges an initial franchise fee, which covers training and set-up costs. Then there are ongoing advertising and group participation fees, calculated on a percentage of your monthly turnover. In addition you will need to provide capital up-front to buy your business, plus a sum of working capital for your first few months of operation. In return, you will receive a turn-key operation, based on our proven formula with all the components necessary for success. Your commitment, plus our desire to see you succeed, creates a win-win scenario for the franchisee and franchisor.

Please note that costs will vary, depending on the size of café you buy and a number of other factors. We will provide a full explanation of costs and capital requirements during a one-to-one discussion about franchises.

Robert Harris Cafés typically operate seven days a week and a minimum of eight hours a day, with additional late nights for cafes in shopping centres and malls. You'll find that Saturday and Sunday are often the busiest trading days, depending on the location. But as conditions vary by site, trading hours are usually established on a café by café basis, according to the lease.

Simply call Rod de Lisle on 0800 4 BEANS (0800 423 267) or use the Contact form to send your contact details.

We will set up a meeting to go through the opportunity in more detail and answer any questions you may have.