Our Robert Harris cafes have transitioned into commercially compostable take away cups.  A good move forward on the sustainability front!

If you’re a sustainably minded coffee lover, we believe that the best option to be environmentally friendly in our cafes is to use a reusable cup when your need coffee on the go!  You can purchase these at our cafes. However, sometimes you forget and that’s when our compostable take away cups becomes useful!

Our cups are commercially compostable; this means that they must go to a commercial composting facility to be processed, they can’t be composted at home.  Our cups are also made with paper sourced from responsibly managed plantations and all the materials are plant based.

There are nine commercial composting sites in New Zealand, not heaps, but it’s a start.  As businesses like ours produce more compostable items, rather than one’s destined for the land fill, we are encouraging New Zealand’s governing bodies to focus on developing more processing infrastructure.  Over time it will be easier for our customers to compost quickly and efficiently.

Fortunately, some of the existing nine commercial composting sites will accept compostable waste from individuals, not just businesses.  You can drop off your waste directly or sign up for a home collection through a variety of providers.

It’s not a total solution, but we wanted to do something rather than nothing and our café network are committed to exploring other ways to make our cafes more environmentally friendly.

Below is a link to all the commercial compostable sites currently available in New Zealand;

Below is some further information on biodegradable versus compostable waste;

Thanks for supporting our cafes.