Maple Vanilla

Fresh Infused Maple Vanilla

Fresh Infused | 200g


Smooth 2

We’ve noticed coffee cropping up in all sorts of gourmet food – chocolate, snack bars and even potato chips (true story). It got us thinking… why should everyone else have all the fun? So, we asked our master coffee roaster to experiment with a few tasty mashups of our own. The result is an adventurous range of coffee infusions. Scrumptious new flavours cleverly combined with our lovingly roasted fresh coffee.

100% Arabica fresh coffee, infused with rich maple and vanilla flavours. Cheers Canada, represent.

Use one heaped dessertspoon of coffee per cup, pour in hot (not boiling) water and stir. Leave for 4 minutes before plunging to infuse all the flavours, then enjoy.

Use one dessertspoon of coffee per cup. Brew only as much as you expect to drink. If you’re after a stronger brew, just use a little more coffee. Store in an air-tight container